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OC Alum Susan Dillinger

I AM… OC alum, early childhood education teacher, married to love of life

I started attending Olympic College in the Fall of 1975 and knew that I wanted to pursue an education in Early Childhood Education. Sometime in 1977, I was hired at the Child Development and Family Center (CDFC), which was located at the old Manette Elementary School. The center then moved to different locations, including the old West High School, the old Kagel Elementary School, the OC Humanities building and then to the old Home and Family Life Parent Co-op Preschool Classrooms. I worked at the CDFC part-time, and went on to earn my associates degree. Eventually I was hired full-time after many part-time years.  I have worked at the CDFC for 28 plus years and feel like the old horse in the Velveteen Rabbit story, but I still love working with children.  I could have been rich writing a book about all the stories I’ve heard here the last 28 years, but then I probably wouldn’t be here. I also found the love of my life working at Olympic College. I married him at the Bremer Student Center (OC Bremerton) in 1999.  Stacey, my husband, has worked at the college for over 30 years and together and apart, we are OC.


Wedding at the BSC

Susan - Send us a picture of the wedding at the BSC. That would be a great photo to add to your story.
at 3/14/2008 3:21 PM

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