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 Class Information

Summer 2014

Registered Students: Information on entering the class website was sent to your OC email address on 6/27/2014.
You may enter the site without having the text or a code; there is a "temporary" access option. Refer to the instructions that were emailed.

Online Math& 107
Online Math& 146
--Students are required to use their OC email (a) as the email associated with their accounts in the class website and (b) as the email they use when contacting the professor. Information on OC student email is here:
--The Olympic College Bookstore sells an affordable package that includes the textbook and the access code to the class website.
--Students who are not active in the class website by July 3 at 9 pm will be administratively withdrawn from the class.

Fall 2014
Math Emporium Math 099 1 pm to 2:24 pm MWF
Online Math& 107
Online Math& 146
Bremerton Math& 146 11:30 to 12:54 pm MWF


 Off-campus until 9/22/2014