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 Class Information

Spring 2014
Math& 107 Mon/Wed 1 pm to 3:15 pm HSS 302
Online Math& 146

Summer 2014
Online Math& 107
Online Math& 146
These are 8-week classes, July 1 to August 22. However, students who are able to accelerate on their own will be given the option to finish in 6 weeks, July 1 to August 8.

Fall 2014
Math Emporium Math 099 1 pm to 2:24 pm MWF
Online Math& 107
Online Math& 146
Bremerton Math& 146 11:30 to 12:54 pm MWF


 Contact Information

Spring office hours are held from March 31 until June 4 (except Memorial Day)
Campus hours: 11:30 am to 12:55 pm Monday and Wednesday in HSS 343.
Additional Tuesday and Thursday online office hours are available, refer to syllabus for details.